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Diginext is a great place to start your career or to further develop your skills and experiences. We strongly believe our company is only as good as our people. More than anything, Diginext's success depends on our ability to recruit, develop and retain highly skilled people who can deliver advanced solutions for our demanding Mobile Broadband customers.


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It's in our DNA...

We strongly believe in developing the full potential of our people, which makes us quite unique in our field. From this perspective we stand out as a strong team: developing efficient and effective solutions for our customers, providing advanced training capabilities and creating a strong team spirit. 

What's in it for you?

In our fast-growing organisation we provide the opportunity to work for a variety of global Mobile Broadband clients and large OEM's (Original Equipment Manufacturers) challenging projects. We invest in developing and challenging each and every person on our team. Our goal is to get you up to speed so you can participate in our team as soon as possible. We will support you in achieving your career goals through ongoing training and by further developing your creative innovation skills. 

Interested in working for us?

Diginext is always interested in meeting experienced technical and business professionals with a wide range of skills. We need more than just engineers and consultants in order to achieve success for our Mobile Broadband clients. Joining Diginext is more than just filling an open position. It’s a way to jump start and accelerate your career. Excited about joining our team? Then go ahead and have a look at the job openings below!

      We have the following positions available: