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IQonn Assist

IQonn Assist is a stand alone module that easily integrates with other Connection Managers. It is a one-stop-shop with multiple modules and possibilities. It allows you to monitor the end-user’s network usage and settings, helping you to quickly diagnose any problems. IQonn Assist allows you to extend your end-users life cycle, thus reducing your churn. 

IQonn Assist is a great aid for the Helpdesk. As a comprehensive support tool IQonn Assist displays all internet configuration settings of the end-user on one screen. This tool supports the (remote) helpdesk in quickly diagnosing any problem concerning any type of internet connection of the end-user. In addition, IQonn Assist is a highly valuable information resource. Deploying IQonn Assist will help you to reduce operational expenses (OPEX) at the support desk, while also providing a highly valuable information resource for helpdesk agents.

And finally, IQonn Assist allows you to capture usage metrics. With the IQonn Assist module, Diginext captures a comprehensive set of usage metrics each time a subscriber connects to internet via fixed-, WiFi and Mobile Broadband. These records can be analysed to report on aggregate usage patterns such as the daily frequency of network sessions, the volume of data transferred per session and the OS, System, application and devices used.

Business Benefits

✔ Usage patterns are input for organizing marketing activities
✔ Ability to monitor effect of promotions
✔ Gain insight into churn and migration patterns
✔ Quickly diagnose problems
✔ Network load planning based on usage levels
✔ Reporting at geographic level

Some of the features, a product overview

✔ Diagnostics; handling support calls efficiently
✔ Communication; communicating with end-users
✔ Applications; distributing additional services
✔ Follow me; availability status updates
✔ Top-up; monitor and adjust credit balance

What really matters, a KPI overview

✔ Reduce operational expenses (OPEX)
✔ Reduce talk time
✔ Reduce customer churn
✔ Reduce employee churn
✔ Improve end-user satisfaction
✔ Improve customer loyalty
✔ Increase return on investment

More information about the IQonn Assist:

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