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At Diginext we are driven by innovation and therefore encourage 3rd party developers to access and improve upon our technology. Diginext has invested heavily in designing a future-proof and scalable SDK for Mobile Operators, OEM's and application developers. The use of our SDK allows the creation of personal applications based on our existing technology. By re-using our proven software engine your development cycle will be much faster, allowing you to save valuable time and development costs.

The IQonn SDK is a wrapper (API) built around the IQonn Engine. This wrapper has extensive API's that allows developers to create applications that need to communicate with a Mobile or WLAN device or link your existing software to our engine. And of course you will always have access to the latest updates and technology whenever we update our SDK.

Business benefits

✔ Language independent
✔ Independent GUI and programming language
✔ Easy to deploy as sample code
✔ No experience required in the mobility world
✔ Highly stable engine
✔ Support services for developers and companies

Some of the features, a product overview

✔ Connectivity module
✔ Communications module (SMS/RSS)
✔ Phonebook module
✔ Usage module
✔ BITS module
✔ Hotspots module
✔ Voice module

What really matters, a KPI overview

✔ Faster Development cycles
✔ Lower Development costs
✔ Shorter time-to-market 
✔ No mobile experience required 

More information about the IQonn SDK:

For detailed product information about the IQonn SDK possibilities, please contact us!